Nazrul Center
Al-Amin Khan, Head of Sales & marketing, ATN News, has initiated a program to develop a full-scale digital archive on the life and creations of our National Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam. The archive has been named as Nazrul Center with the support of Kabi Nazrul Institute.

A great number of people are interested to know about Nazrul. Books of Nazrul and documents and papers related to him are not available at every places of Bangladesh and abroad, which create an unassailable barrier to meet the expectations of interested people. To make information regarding Nazrul easily available to all people all over the world and to meet the expectations of interested people came the idea to develop internet-based digital archive containing all about Nazrul.

Nazrul Center is a very special initiative to collect, gather and compile all creations of Nazrul, research papers, essays, articles on him, etc. in one place and make available to people all over the world.
This internet-based archive will contain all books, songs, essays, album, video footage, documentary films, audio CDs and photographs of Nazrul. It will be essentially an archive to preserve everything about Nazrul and at the same time it will be an internet-based huge public library. Anybody having internet connection will have access to this archive and will be able to know all available information about Nazrul.

At the moment 10 researchers have been engaged to develop this archive. Nazrul created and Nazrul related all books, papers, information are being collected and incorporated in Nazrul Center. Books of Nazrul are not easily available and many people can not afford to buy them. Interested readers and researchers at the marginal level face serious difficulty to collect these books. We have taken initiative to make these available to them. The main objective of Nazrul Center is to reach all creations of Nazrul and information related to Nazrul at the doorsteps of all with no cost involved at the part of the receivers and at ease.

The idea of compiling and consolidating all about Nazrul in one place pushed us to initiated developing the digital archive. Readers and researchers all over the world will be able to reach this archive using internet and will be able to see and read the contents without spending any money. Nazrul Center is our brain child to implement our idea into reality of promoting our National Poet to all.

Way Forward
Nazrul Center, the full-scale digital archive on life and creations of Nazrul will came into being in December 2017 although the initial work of collecting information started in 2015.

Nazrul Center: what it is and what it contains
Nazrul Center, the digital archive will contain all books of Nazrul, research papers on Nazrul, all publications of Nazrul Institute, thousands of Nazrul songs in original tune, many rare photographs, and video footage on Nazrul. Initially about 500 photographs will be kept in the archive. There will be a large number of essays and articles. Initially the contents are classified into 12 areas and will be kept in 12 corners.

We are taking support and assistance from different organisations as well from individuals while collecting information, papers, documents and also in the process of digitisation.
We hope and expect that Nazrul Center, the digital archive along with different activities, will be able to promote Nazrul all over the world, reach his creations at every doorsteps, preserve his creations and save songs of Nazrul from manipulation.

Nazrul Somogro: Management

Al-Amin Khan,Founder

Ferdous Khan, Executive Director

Ekram Ahmed, Advisor

Idris Ali,Chief, Culture Initiatives

Jahidul Islam, Web designing and creative

B.M.Rafiul Alam ,Web Developer

B.M Nahid Hasan,Coordinator

With support from:

Nazrul Institute, Dhaka

Nazrul Tirtho, Kolkata

Nazrul Academy, Dhaka

Nazrul University, Trishal, Mymensingh

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